XFR Aluminum

About the XFR Aluminum

The XFR is for those who seek out adventure in the everyday. Fast, comfortable, and stable, the XFR is perfect for commuters who live for shortcuts through the forest, or recreational riders who like to venture beyond the pavement. With multi-tread tires that roll fast on a variety of surfaces and a suspension fork that is ready to soak up any bumps encountered along the way, the XFR is a versatile crossover bike that lets you define the path between two points.

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X6 Alloy Frame

Stylish design delivers strength, stiffness and minimal weight.

Multi-Tread Tires

Fast rolling on pavement yet maintain traction on loose surfaces – confidence on pavement or off.

75Mm Suspension Forks

Soak up bumps, smooth out choppy pathways for a more comfortable rider.

Disc Brakes

Excellent stopping power and control; enable riders to apply the exact amount of braking power needed in any situation.

Chain Stay Disc Mount

The cleanest, sleekest and most efficient way to mount a brake caliper to a bicycle frame; facilitates fender and rack installation.

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