12" All Purpose Bikes

About the 12" All Purpose Bikes

The Norco 12” Coaster are perfect for little ones aged 3 to 4 who are ready to leave the run bike behind or as a first two-wheel bike. Equipped with coaster brake and removable training wheels, these 12" kid bikes give young riders the stability and control to build confidence and skills. The lightweight aluminum frame has a lower standover height to fit smaller riders, so young kids can begin to experience the fun and adventure only found on two wheels.

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Lightweight frame and components

Our 12” all-purpose kids mountain bikes come complete with size scaled tubing and are carefully fitted with the lightest components for optimal responsiveness and overall ride experience.

Quality features and touch points

The premium components list is large on these little bikes including stainless steel spokes, a quality lightweight saddle, soft krayton rubber grips. Jr. BMX pedals were specifically selected for durability, safety, and long-lasting performance.

Easy to use brakes and shifters

The Blaster and Sparkle come equipped with coaster brakes making it easy for little ones to learn how to slow down and stop in control.

Geometry and Fit

Designed with a low top tube for standover height and a shorter chainstay length to give the ability to fit smaller children on bikes with larger wheels. Also includes a short stem and wide bar for added stability to make it easier than ever before for young riders to build skills and confidence.

Training wheels

The Blaster and the Sparkle come with removable training wheels for added stability and support for skills progression.

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