Aurum HSP Carbon

About the Aurum HSP Carbon

The Aurum HSP was designed with a single purpose: to be the fastest downhill bike we’ve ever made. As an integral bike within Norco’s Race Development Program, the Aurum HSP’s proprietary design was developed and tested in conjunction with the Norco Factory Racing Team. After a full year of testing and riding, including a complete UCI World Cup Downhill season, the result is a no-compromise DH race machine that delivers superior grip and control, capable of taking on the toughest tracks in the world in pursuit of gold.

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Lightweight and durable Aurum HSP carbon frame

All of our carbon frames are manufactured with only the highest-quality materials. The lightweight and durable full carbon fiber frame of the Aurum HSP provides an improved stiffness-to-weight ratio, increased vibration damping and maximum strength. The frame structure is specifically designed to distribute loads and absorb any form of impact energy. Featuring size scaled tubing, the frame maintains the same stiffness and ride quality across all frame sizes.

Gravity Tune

To ensure riders of all sizes achieve an optimal weight distribution, the rear centre length of each frame size increases proportionately to the front centre length. This gives all riders the ability to maintain a centered body position resulting in predictable grip as well as improved handling, stability and control.

Suspension design optimized for DH-race purposes

The high-single pivot (HSP) suspension design allows you to carry maximum speed in the roughest terrain. The extreme rearward axle path moves the wheel rearwards with the direction of the impact, helping the bike maintain momentum, whilst reducing rider fatigue. The idler pulley isolates the chain from the suspension, resulting in exceptional small bump compliance, grip and control while eliminating pedal kickback.

Choice of wheel sizes

Designed from the ground up in two wheel sizes, the Aurum HSP offers riders of different sizes a similar ride feel. To achieve this, the front and rear triangles for the 27.5" and 29" frames are different. Available in 27.5" (XS - XL) and 29" (M - XL), you are able to choose your wheel size based on your size, riding style and preferences.

Easy fit and setup tuning

Adjustable reach headset cups (0, +4 mm, +8 mm) allow you to make quick and easy adjustments to the bike's front centre and wheelbase length for personalized fit and setup tuning.

Comprehensive Baseline & Setup

To get the most out of your Aurum HSP, having the correct bike setup and suspension tune is essential. That's why the Aurum HSP comes equipped with a comprehensive suspension setup guide that allows you to custom tune for your weight, morphology, terrain and personal preference.

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