Range Carbon

About the Range Carbon

The Range Carbon is the ideal Enduro bike, purpose-built to rip downhill with category-bending capability. Available in 27.5" and 29" models, the Range Carbon features modern Enduro suspension performance and geometry optimized for each wheel size. It climbs efficiently but unleashes its full potential when pointed downhill - delivering confidence-inspiring stability and control for serious speed over technical terrain. Race an Enduro, shred gnarly single-track with friends, or skip the pedalling and do a few laps of the bike park - the Range Carbon is the ultimate accomplice.

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Range Carbon Enduro frame

Built with our premium carbon technologies and tested beyond basic industry standards, the Range Carbon frame is strong, lightweight and durable. Featuring size scaled tubing, the frame maintains the same stiffness and ride quality across frame sizes. A carbon front triangle and seat stay and alloy chain stay and link-arm make for a sleek, fast and capable Enduro bike.

Gravity Tune

To ensure riders of all sizes achieve an optimal weight distribution, the rear centre length of each frame size increases proportionately to the front centre length. This gives all riders the ability to maintain a centered body position resulting in predictable grip as well as improved handling, stability and control.

Suspension design optimized for Enduro purposes

A rearward axle-path and progressive leverage ratio delivers square-edge compliance, mid stroke support and bottom-out resistance for maximum speed and control when the bike is pointed downhill. Rear shocks have an upper trunnion mount to improve small bump compliance and therefore grip while long-travel, single-crown forks provide high-speed stability through rough terrain.

Choice of wheel sizes

Available in 27.5" (XS-XL) and 29" (M-XL), the Range Carbon offers choice without compromise. With a frame design delivering speed, agility, control and a similar ride feel for both wheel sizes, your final choice comes down to riding style, preferred terrain and personal preference.

Frame protection

Yes, Enduro bikes are pedalled to the top, but essentially riders go through multiple DH races over a weekend on the tracks. These bikes are being pushed to the extreme and have to be as reliable and dependable as possible. Strategically placed frame armour under the bottom bracket, on the chain stay and inside the seat stay helps protect the frame from rocks, roots and any trail mishaps.

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