Sasquatch Aluminum

About the Sasquatch Aluminum

The Sasquatch provides outstanding flotation through both snow and sand for winter expeditions and unforgettable beach rides. With a lightweight aluminum frame and carbon fat fork, the Sasquatch is an efficient and maneuverable bike for all-season cyclists looking for year-round fat bike adventure.

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Sasquatch aluminum frame

The premium X6 aluminum frame is the ideal combination of durability and efficiency - exactly what you need when it comes to year-round fat bike adventures. The double-butted tubeset and front and rear thru-axles provide stiffness where needed and compliance where wanted.

Excellent traction and floatation

Compatible with 26” x 5.0” or 650B x 4.0” tires, the Sasquatch delivers incredible traction and floatation in variable terrain so that you will never be affected by bad weather, deep snow or challenging terrain.

Low 1x gearing for efficient riding

Equipped with a simple and reliable 1x12 drivetrain with a wide gear range, the Sasquatch rides efficiently through snow, sand or whatever terrain you choose to roll over.

Lightweight 700g carbon fat fork or 100mm suspension fork

The lightweight 700g carbon fibre fork with clearance for up to a 5.0" tire provides plenty of compliance and absorbs chatter when needed while keeping the overall weight of the bike low. If you prefer front suspension to take the edge of impacts, you can choose the Sasquatch with a Manitou Mastodon fork, which is designed to work exceptionally in extremely cold and hot temperatures.

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