Section Steel

About the Section Steel

The Section Steel is built for riders who have a taste for the classic look and feel of chromoly, but still want to ride every road they encounter with the same vigor. This ferrous all-road bullet is crafted around big tires with a lightweight, resilient frame with geometry and features that won't let any road interrupt your rhythm. It may look classic, but the Section Steel's lateral stiffness and shock-absorbing vertical compliance rivals many “modern” materials' abilities to provide the all-day performance rider efficient power transfer while smoothing out rough roads.

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Performance Handling and Lateral Stiffness

The Section Steel fits and rides like a road bike – because it IS a road bike, and we made it pedal like one. Using an oversized head tube and carefully selected tube dimensions, the Section Steel reacts instantly to every pedal stroke, but maintains that steel feel you love. We scrutinized the head angle, fork offset and trail to make it react nimbly on the road, but surefooted on unpaved surfaces.

Vertical Compliance for All-Day Epics

To help maximize the steel frame's inherent vibration-absorbing characteristics, we equipped the Section with narrow profile seatstays and spec'd a mid-modulus carbon fiber fork to ensure the front and back end of the bike were equally adept at dissipating road shock.

Steel is Real

The double-butted Reynolds 725 chromoly frame is back-tempered, which provides the strength and resiliency of heavier steel frames, but allows for thinner walls for lighter weight. The tubes are also Electro Deposition treated before painting to fend of rust and corrosion.

More Control and Shock Absorption

The Section doesn't just accommodate 28-35mm tires – it excels with them. We designed this frame from the ground up with features, geometry and clearance to run big tires, and we decided to spec them tubeless-ready, to add the control, shock absorption and puncture resistance that only big, tubeless tires can provide.

Superior Braking Power

Disc brakes are an ideal choice for the Section. These all-weather flat-mount stoppers provide amazing modulation in a lightweight, clean package that tucks in subtly and unobtrusively into the design, without creating any limitations on tire or fender clearance.

Easy Serviceability

Every rider out there likes their bike setup a little differently – whether it's 1x or 2x drivetrains, Di2 or mechanical shifting. With this in mind, the Section Steel is equipped with external cable routing that allows simple access and serviceability, and a quiet ride in just about any configuration you can imagine – even if you want to run a dropper post!

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