See how you can own XC

Modern cross country mountain bike racing has changed – but we don’t need to tell you that.

You’ve conquered the grueling climbs, attacked the technical singletrack and charged challenging descents. You know how tough new-school courses can be. You and the courses you encounter week after week are the reason we created the all-new Revolver FS 100.

Well, you and our team of world-class XC racers. We wanted to design a bike that would carry them to the podium at top-tier events like the 2020 Summer Games. We re-examined everything we know about XC performance and geometry, employing Ride Aligned™ technology to create what we, and the team, feel is the pinnacle of modern XC performance.

Because today's XC races are won and lost on every single meter of the course, we started with the rider, and focused on making the most of every pedal stroke – going up, charging down, and powering over technical sections to get to the finish line first.

The result is the Revolver FS 100's revolutionary new Ride Aligned™ geometry that places the rider's centre of gravity forward and lower on the bike, which provides amazing traction and control on climbs.



The Ride Aligned™ Design System matches each individual bike to the human who rides it.

Power to the Win

The Revolver FS 100’s Ride Aligned™ XC design features a low, forward riding position for powerful, efficient pedaling, maximum traction, and a front end that stays on the ground when the going gets steep, so you're in control of where you go, and how fast you get there. XC races aren't only won on the climbs, but if you can't climb, you're not going to win.

Reduced fatigue

By positioning the cross country racer's centre of gravity for optimum weight distribution within the Revolver FS 100’s wheelbase, riders are able to navigate every aspect of a race course from an optimal position. The fine-tuned Ride Aligned™ XC design provides increased grip and support when the rider is seated and powering through undulating terrain, which greatly-reduces fatigue by minimizing the need for weight shifts throughout the race.

Stiffer, faster frame construction

The Revolver FS 100 has been designed with a fine-tuned carbon frame to optimize pedaling efficiency. We engineered the downtube, bottom bracket and chainstay junctions to provide a 40% increase in axial rigidity, ensuring every available Watt you throw down is translated into forward motion.

Optimized Suspension Design

The Revolver FS 100 is designed to excel on a wide variety of terrain. The Ride Aligned™ suspension kinematics maintain incredible traction both climbing and descending and provides an efficient pedaling platform without having to reach for a lockout, while tracking precisely through rough descents. By employing the Ride Aligned™ Bike Setup App, your suspension sets up quickly and precisely.

Uncompromised Descents

In addition to the pedaling prowess of the new Revolver FS 100, we wanted to be sure it would charge descents – not just survive them. So, we designed it with a 68.5 degree head angle, a 60mm stem, which, when combined with its frame stiffness, provides a level of precision and confidence on descents that will leave competitors in your wake!