Revolver HT Carbon

About the Revolver HT Carbon

Modern cross country mountain bike racing has changed.

Grueling, technical climbs, challenging singletrack and hair-raising descents – Modern XC is nothing like the groomed paths they raced on a few years back. These new-school courses are the reason we created the all-new Revolver HT.

With Norco athletes in a position to be real contenders at the 2020 Tokyo Games, we also wanted to design a bike that would give them the best shot at Gold. So, we re-examined everything we know about XC performance and geometry, employing a holistic design process to create what we, and our pro riders feel is the pinnacle of modern XC performance.

Starting with the rider, we focused on making the most of every pedal stroke – going up, charging down, and powering over technical sections to get to the finish line first.

The result is the Revolver HT’s revolutionary new geometry that places the rider's centre of gravity forward in its longer wheelbase, which creates a strong, powerful position for climbing and technical terrain, and balanced, aggressive descending so you can make time on everyone else while they carefully pick their way down.

Additionally, this shifted centre of gravity means riders don't have to move around as much to accommodate for undulating terrain, which reserves more energy for that race winning charge on the last lap.

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Progressive Design

The Revolver HT uses Norco's holistic approach to fit and geometry to achieve its unmerciful domination of your competitors. The unique combination of our next generation of Gravity Tune, longer reach, slacker head tube angle and steep seat tube angle provides a more forward weight distribution within a longer wheelbase. This allows more powerful pedaling, increased climbing traction and added grip and control when descending so you can confidently attack every part of the course.

Lightweight, stiff & fast

The Revolver HT's Carbon fiber frame comes in four sizes, weighs in at a scant 1100g with paint (Size M).

Clearance, Clarence

The Revolver HT features Boost axle spacing, and has gobs of clearance for 29x2.35 tires, so it's not just XC-Race compliant – it'll also rip on the trails to get every mile in that you can before sundown.

One-By Specific

It’s a harsh reality for luddites, but the front derailleur is a thing of the past for XC racers. The Revolver HT is a finely-tuned machine, and we've eliminated all the extra fluff to make it the fastest it can be – and part of that is ditching the possibility of running a front derailleur.

Choose Your Poison

Revolver HT AXS and XTR are spec'd specifically for XC Race with a 100mm fork and remote lock-out. The Revolver 2 and 3 focus on the performance trail rider with 120mm forks, dropper posts and 2.35” tires.

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