Introducing The Sight Vlt 29"

We Took The Award-Winning Original To The Next Level

When you’re voted top e-MTB of the year, it’s tempting to sit back and bask in the accolades – but the siren’s song of the first generation Sight VLT’s praise wasn’t enough to pull us away from our constant need to improve.

To build the second generation, we looked at what made the original The Loam Wolf’s e-MTB of the Year and combined it with everything we’ve discovered since. By combining our proprietary Ride Aligned™ design system with state-of-the-art e-MTB technology, range extender battery compatibility and e-optimized 29-inch wheels, the Sight VLT 29 is the ultimate All-Mountain electric mountain bike.

Its refined design and geometry hold the perfect line through high-speed corners, send gaps with ease and provide all the pedal assistance you need to open the door to bigger adventures, bolder routes and increased accessibility to rides that used to seem out of reach.

This also represents a first at Norco: our first electric full suspension mountain bike that’s available in both carbon and aluminum models.

The carbon frame is strong and stiff in all the right places and built as light as possible. The aluminum employs the same engineering principals to duplicate the performance and handling characteristics built into the carbon bike with minimal weight penalty – bringing the electric All-Mountain 29er experience to more riders.

The Ride Aligned™ Design System matches each individual bike to the human who rides it.

29-Inch Wheels

Riders have been raving about 29” wheels for years, and we found the best combination of strength and performance for the wheels on each Sight VLT 29 to withstand everything electric mountain biking can dish out. They roll over obstacles easier and maintain momentum through rough terrain. We also wrapped them in Maxxis reinforced Double Down tires to give you all the support and durability you need on every ride.

Shimano Steps - All The Power You Need

Designed to withstand the extreme demands of e-mountain biking, the best-in-class Shimano STEPS E8000 and E7000 drive units will extend your ride and give you the push you need to get through the tough stuff. The E7000 switch-unit and display on all models give you all the information you need and take up less space on your bars.

Ride Longer

The Sight VLT's in-tube battery provides more range than most other e-MTB's thanks to Norco's unique power management system and the highly efficient Shimano motor. And, when you add the additional capacity of the optional 360Wh range extender battery (sold separately), you'll ride further than you ever thought an e-MTB could. Without the range extender, every size Sight VLT 29 can carry a full-sized water bottle.

E-Mtb Specific Components

Each Sight VLT 29 comes equipped with components selected specifically for the demands of e-MTB. The e-spec suspension forks, e-rated freehub mechanisms, robust DT Swiss spokes and single-click shifters on SRAM-equipped models help maximize strength and durability under power.

Increased Clearance

Two-piece bridgeless seatstays increase tire clearance and facilitate a steeper seat tube design, permitting longer-travel, size-specific dropper posts. The 34.9mm post, combined with the lower top tube make it easier for riders to move around and to get seats right out of the way on steep descents without sacrificing stiffness or strength when fully extended.