Introducing the Charger VLT

Discover a new way to ride.

As e-bikes evolve, riders are starting to find new ways to use the extra kick they provide – like riding to work more often, climbing hills instead of avoiding them, or re-imagining the scale of what rides you even think are possible.

The Norco Charger VLT is built to meet the needs of the modern electric bike rider. It looks and rides trails like an ultra-capable electric mountain bike, and its frame is decked out with features that add versatility. With an easily removable downtube-mounted battery and rack, fender, and bottle mounts, it’s ideal for the urban rider who also wants to get adventurous on the weekend.

Ask someone who likes fun if they want to have more fun. The answer is pretty much always yes. That’s why we built this bike. The Charger VLT means even more fun out on the trail, and quite frankly, who wouldn’t want that?!

With a fully-integrated, state-of-the-art Shimano STEPS electric mountain bike drive system seamlessly mounted into its aluminum frame, the Charger VLT is easy to ride, simple to operate, and just the bike you need – on any day, and any ride.

The frame is designed to provide balanced performance for trail riding, and a heads-up riding position for increased visibility around town, and alleviating hand and shoulder strain.

So, if you want to integrate the ease and convenience of an electric bike into your daily routine, but want to stay flexible on how you can use the bike, the Charger VLT is the perfect way to go!

Balanced Frame Geometry

The Charger VLT's sleek aluminum frame features a balanced frame geometry that places less weight on riders' hands for a more comfortable, versatile ride.

Removable downtube battery

The fully-sealed 504Wh Shimano E8035 downtube battery is stealthily mounted, and easily removed for convenient charging, and secure, confident parking.

E-bike rated components

The Charger VLT features e-bike approved hydraulic disc brakes for extra stopping power, a 120mm e-spec SR Suntour suspension fork, comes equipped with e-optimized wheels and a re-enforced e-spec chain to handle the additional torque and rigors of the electric assist.


Designed to withstand the extreme demands of e-mountain biking, the best-in-class Shimano E7000 drive unit and complete Shimano STEPS system will extend every ride, give you the push you need, and is supported by a worldwide network of Shimano distributors and dealers.

Dropper Post Included

The stock dropper post makes the Charger VLT more capable off road, and easier to ride around town thanks to its quick adjustment for steep trails and stop lights.

Accessories make the ride

The Charger VLT is engineered with full rack, bottle and fender mounts that add versatility without sacrificing any off-road capability. This way, you can hit the trails on the weekend, and get to work on time during the week. No sweat!