Electric Mayhem

Get up to no-good in the backwoods with the Range VLT.

The Range VLT carbon e-Enduro bike is built to take on tough, burly trails, navigate slippery rock faces and just go big.

We’ve given the Range VLT the ultimate combination of Norco’s Ride Aligned™ design system and long-travel suspension in a carbon e-MTB platform engineered to tackle the same trails as our Non-electric Range – but the e-assist adds an extra helping of mayhem in the wild.

The fully-integrated, efficient Shimano STEPS drive system - and optional 360Wh range extender battery that adds up to 72% additional capacity - lets you cover more terrain quicker and have as much fun powering the Range VLT up climbs as you will sending it off jumps and down rowdy descents.

The Ride Aligned™ Design System matches each individual bike to the human who rides it.

Shimano Steps – All The Power You Need

Designed to withstand the demands of e-mountain biking, the best-in-class Shimano STEPS E8000 and E7000 drive units will extend your ride and give you the push you need to get through the tough stuff.

Ride More, Ride Longer

The Range VLT's 630Wh and 500Wh in-tube batteries provide more range than other e-MTBs thanks to Norco's unique power management system and the highly efficient Shimano motor. By placing the smaller, lighter battery inside the downtube, we’re able to engineer the frame to be as light as possible without any compromises in strength and protect it from the elements. And, with the additional capacity of the optional 360Wh range extender battery, you'll ride further than you ever thought an e-mountain bike could.

Mo' Travel = Mo' Fun

The Range VLT's 180mm of front, and 170mm of rear coil-sprung, Ride Aligned™ tuned suspension travel keeps your tires connected to the ground when you need more traction, will soak up the big hits on the roughest trails and be ready to take on the next obstacle.

Tough 27.5" Wheels

We designed the Range VLT around 27.5" wheels to bring additional strength and stiffness to the table, and spec'd Maxxis's Double Down tire casing because you, your Range VLT and the adventures you take on need a little extra sidewall support through the rough stuff.

Metrics Are The Method

To customize your Ride Aligned™ experience, we tie every aspect of the system together with the Ride Aligned™ Bike Setup Guide.

The app-based assistant helps tune your precise fit and optimise your suspension setup based on your unique body makeup, the way you ride, and the types of trails you expect to encounter. It’s simple to use, but incredibly precise, making the most of every detail we’ve engineered into the Ride Aligned™ design.
Get the most out of your ride with the Ride Aligned™ Bike Setup Guide.