Less Work – More Play

Recharge Your Sense Of Adventure With The Bigfoot VLT.

When you spend months at a time staring out the window at the snow, your mind tends to wander. Ours quickly turns to ways we can make winter riding less work and more play.

With handling built to satisfy the demands of the most discerning performance rider – the aluminum Bigfoot VLT shreds like our world class MTBs - and its seamless integration of the latest e-bike technology means this fat bike will perform on any year-round riding adventure imaginable.

No, it's not just about the snow – but you've gotta know that having months-at-a-time of access to snowy riding conditions has inspired us to create a bike that doesn't just survive, but thrives through any ride Canada serves up – snow, mud, sand – whatever. With a combination of thoughtful frame design and features, no-compromise cold-weather component selection, and the best-in-class Shimano STEPS drive system, the Bigfoot VLT is the electric fat bike that you'll forget is an electric fat bike until you realize just how far it's taken you.

Powerful Climbing – Modern Handling

We created the Bigfoot VLT to ride like a modern mountain bike – the rider cockpit is optimized for fast, efficient climbing thanks to its steep seat angle and long front-center. But why go up if the downhill is no fun, right? So, we gave the bike balanced geometry for confident descending, stability and control so every pedal stroke up is rewarded with a hoot or a holler on the way back down.

Evolved, Thoughtful Frame Features

We've been making the Bigfoot for years and have developed some unique features along the way that are central to the Bigfoot VLT's design. We’ve maintained a generous standover clearance and included thru axles for stiffness and improved handling. The aluminum frame has evolved to include a fully integrated downtube-mounted battery and internally routed cables provide a clean look, and we’ve also added two bottle mounts (M,L,XL). The Bigfoot VLT is built with features that are up to any adventure you are – and there's even an integrated kickstand – it's one of those things you might not think of – but you'll be glad it's there.

Components Optimized For The Cold – And Beyond

Talk to any rider who pedals in cold climates – a lot of bike components on the market work very differently when the temperatures drop. So, we've addressed the chief culprits with a cold-weather optimized Manitou fork, hydraulic disc brakes that use DOT fluid to maintain consistent performance over varying temperatures, and found a dropper post that works the best when the temps plummet. Not all riders ride fat bikes in the snow – but those who do will really appreciate these details.

Shimano Steps – All The Power You Need

Designed to withstand the extreme demands of e-mountain biking, the best-in-class Shimano STEPS E8000 and E7000 drive units will extend your ride and give you the push you need to get through the tough stuff. The protected seat tube charging port allows easy access and quick charging of the 500 to 630Wh batteries, which we've cold-weather tested and protected from the elements so you can ride year-round.

Fat 4.6” Tires For Grip And Cush

The Bigfoot VLT is equipped with 80mm wide rims and 4.6” tires – so there's more rubber on the ground. The footprints float over snow and sand, soften the blow from gnarly trail features, and provide immense amounts of traction in even the muddiest of conditions without tearing up the terrain.

With All That Go – You Gotta Stop, Too.

Getting a bike to go fast can be a whole lot easier than getting it to slow down – especially on challenging riding surfaces. To help control the extra momentum the Bigfoot VLT will give you and take advantage of all the grip offered by the fat tires, the Bigfoot VLT features hydraulic disc brakes and oversized rotors.