Get Outside And Play!

Re-Discover Outside Time With The Kids

The Storm is the ideal way to get your kids out for some quality family time that gives them a little independence, and you a little break from having to orchestrate every detail of their day.

It doesn’t just give you time together, though. It also lets them explore the neighborhood with their friends and discover their world on their own terms.

It features a lightweight aluminum frame and is available in both 24- and 20-inch versions, with quality components including disc brake and suspension fork options. Delivering crisp shifting and responsive handling, the Storm will help your little ripper get the most from every ride, outside in the real world, away from their screens.

Lightweight Frame And Components

The Storm’s aluminum frame comes complete with size-scaled tubing and is carefully fitted with light, durable components for better responsiveness and overall ride experience.

Quality Features And Touch Points

The Storm features premium components such as stainless-steel spokes, a quality lightweight saddle, soft krayton rubber grips and Jr. BMX pedals selected specifically for durability, safety and long-lasting performance. Kids will appreciate it during the ride and you’ll love it when it doesn’t have to go into the shop for repairs.

Easy To Use Brakes And Shifters

Trouble-free shifting and brake levers that are designed to fit small hands to allow small riders to interact with their bikes easier, have a more relaxed ride, and get used to hand brakes at a younger age.

Geometry And Fit

The Storm is designed with low standover height and a shorter chainstay length to get smaller children on bikes with larger wheels. This allows a smoother ride and a longer bike lifespan before they out-grow it. Included is a short stem and wide bar for added stability to make it easier than ever before for young riders to build skills and confidence.