All Season Evolution

Bigfoot: The Ultimate Fat Bike

With its progressive design and handling, the new Bigfoot excels in all season weather and extreme terrain to vault fat biking from “Rewarding and Character-Building” to “Downright fun – anywhere, anytime!”

With its long reach, short stem and steep seat angle, the Bigfoot provides balanced weight distribution for maximum traction in snowy conditions, sandy slopes or muddy, root-infested trails, and allows for more powerful pedaling. Once you claw your way to the top, the steering geometry and tires’ massive footprints provide confident, aggressive handling so you can pick the line you want, not the one gravity tells you to take.

Each Bigfoot also features components selected specifically for their cold-weather capability because, let’s face it, it’s a Canadian Fat Bike – if it works great all year, but doesn’t absolutely OWN winter, we might as well hang up our tuques and eat Poutine all winter.

Progressive Design

The Bigfoot has been built from the powder-up using Norco's holistic approach to fit and geometry. Its unique combination of longer reach, slack head tube angle and steep seat tube angle gives our newest aluminum fat bike a more forward weight distribution within a longer wheelbase. This makes for powerful pedaling, increased climbing traction and added control when descending.

Super-Sized 27.5 Tires

The Bigfoot is equipped with 75mm wide 27.5” rims and frame clearance for up to 4.6" tires. With more rubber on whatever surface you're riding, you can run lower pressures for greater traction and roll over trail obstacles at higher speed.

Evolved, Thoughtful Frame Features

With generous standover clearance and 12x197mm thru-axles for extra stiffness and improved handling, the Bigfoot's aluminum frame also features internally routed cables for a clean look and protection from extreme weather and terrain.

Components Optimized For The Cold – And Beyond

All Bigfoot models feature disc brakes with DOT fluid or cable systems for consistent performance over varying temperatures, and, when equipped with dropper posts, they’re trouble-free when the temps plummet – and we even found a cold-weather-optimized Manitou suspension fork! Not everybody rides their fat bike in the snow – but if you do, you'll really appreciate these details!

Versatile Rig

And it’s got all the features to make it a versatile rig: rack mounts in the rear, bottle mounts above and beneath the down tube and triple mounts on the fork.

Stand Over Height

Low standover height is mandatory for a fat bike. If you’ve ever experienced a get-off in deep snow, you know that having lots of space over the top tube makes riding easier and safer. We’ve also provided enough space within the front triangle to fit a small frame bag.