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Optic is the ultimate trail bike

he Optic is a fun, fast, short travel trail bike with the agility and confidence you need to look further up the trail.

Its carbon frame uses Norco’s Ride Aligned™ design system to create its high-speed, short-travel performance, with geometry created for confident, playful descents, railing corners and boosting jumps. The precision suspension kinematics and custom shocks create 125mm of rear travel, which we’ve matched to a bump-eating 140mm fork on every model for the control you need to keep your mind on the trail ahead.

Sure, the steep seat angle and long top tube will help you get all the power and grip you need to claw your way back up, but make no mistake, what the Optic really wants to do is rip back down again.

Every Optic is equipped with DH-focused components – because we know what kind of speed the bike inspires. Big four-piston disc brakes, wide handlebars, short stems, stiff, and burly 29er wheels with tough 2.35 tires give you the control and clarity you need to attack your favourite trails at speeds that go by in a blur on regular short-travel bikes.

The Ride Aligned™ Design System matches each individual bike to the human who rides it.

Fully Custom Suspension

We created the Optic’s suspension design around very specific shock performance, with spring and damper characteristics that would help define its ride. So, we sourced customized Fox and RockShox rear shocks with the precise spring and damping curves we were looking for.

High Speed By Design

By relaxing the Optic's head angle for stability, we fine-tuned the handling with reduced-offset forks and short 45mm stems – providing even more high-speed precision and predictability for more aggressive trail riding.

Equipped To Descend

To bolster the Optic's descending prowess, each bike is equipped with 4-piston 203/180mm disc brakes, shorter seat tubes, long-stroke dropper posts and aggressive knobby tires.

Metrics Are The Method

To customize your Ride Aligned™ experience, we tie every aspect of the system together with the Ride Aligned™ Bike Setup Guide. The app-based assistant helps tune your precise fit and optimize your suspension setup based on your unique body makeup, the way you ride, and the types of trails you expect to encounter. It’s simple to use, but incredibly precise, making the most of every detail we’ve engineered into the Ride Aligned™ design. Get the most out of your ride with the Ride Aligned™ Bike Setup Guide.