Every Road. All Day Long.

Versatile Aluminum Performance

The Section is built for long, fast rides, when you’re in it for more than just the scenery.

This all-road rocket is built around big tires and a lightweight frame with geometry and features that won't let any road interrupt the rhythm of a great day out.

Its lateral stiffness and shock-absorbing vertical compliance allow for efficient power transfer while smoothing out rough surfaces so riders can keep their head down and their legs churning out the Watts – no matter where the ride ends up.

Performance Handling And Lateral Stiffness

The Section fits and rides like a road bike – because it IS a road bike, and we made it pedal like one. Its 12mm thru-axles and oversized head tube, down tube and chainstays provide excellent power transfer, and precise handling. It's not all about tube dimensions, though - we also scrutinized head angle, fork offset and trail to create a bike that reacts nimbly on the road but remains surefooted on unpaved surfaces.

Vertical Compliance For All-Day Epics

Frames built with lightweight X6 aluminum feature full carbon forks for a robust and durable all-road endurance rig. Curved & ovalized seatstays, bent chainstays, thinned seat tube, top tube and optimized fork blade design maximize rider comfort and reduce fatigue.

Consistent Ride Quality For All Riders

The lightweight frame and carbon fork uses tube dimensions and materials that provide similar ride qualities to every rider no matter what their height or power output. This size-scaled tubing provides ideal pedaling stiffness, while ensuring specifically-tuned vertical compliance.

More Control And Shock Absorption

The Section doesn't just accommodate 28-35mm tires – it excels with them. We designed this frame from the ground up with features, geometry and clearance to run big tires.

All The Mounts You Need

If you're riding fast all day, you need lots of water – so we built the Section to house three water bottles. Additionally, we added low-key fender mounts with clearance for 32mm tires, so a little bout of rain won't quash your grand plans.