The Rampage Youth Series Is A Leap Forward For Young Dirt Jumpers.

Over the years, tough little hardtails have found a place all over the mountain, but young riders have had trouble finding a bike that fits and is worthy of dirt jumping, slopestyle, pump track, or the indoor bike parks.

Every Rampage Youth offers tons of standover clearance to accelerate a young rider’s progression and style, and won’t have to be brought to the shop for surgery every time a trick goes bad.

The Rampage Youth series provides hardcore design and purpose with two models in both 20- and 24-inch wheel sizes – each built tough to step up to whatever’s on-deck this year.

Modern Geometry And Clean Design

No matter who you are, how your bikes looks is just as important as how it rides – especially when you're out going big with your buddies. The Rampage Youth brings the latest pro-rider-inspired Dirt Jump frame design to riders who, despite their size, need a bike that lives up to their skills, and looks great.

Aluminum Frame

While BMX Dirt Jumpers are still full-on into Chromoly frames, the feedback we get from our team riders and everybody out at the jumps is that they're looking for a lighter, stiffer ride than steel can provide – so we went with aluminum for the Rampage Youth. Built light. Engineered strong. Looks fantastic!

Size & Model Options

The Rampage Youth is available in two different models in each of two wheel sizes, so young riders won’t have their air ambitions crushed because their growth spurt hasn’t kicked in yet, or there just aren’t enough lawns to cut.

Dirt Jump Parts Spec

We’ve been building and riding Dirt Jumpers for longer than just about anyone – and we've picked up a few tricks along the way: tough 2 and 3-piece cranks, single speed drivetrains, disc brakes with lots of line for bar spins – we make sure all the details are covered out of the box, so all you have to do is provide the skills.

Details Matter

The Rampage Youth's tapered head tube adds extra strength up front and is compatible with most modern forks. The custom chainstay yoke allows a shorter, more agile back end, and the slim, lightweight slotted dropouts feature hidden chain tension adjusters for an easy, secure setup.