Total Gromination

The Student Becomes The Master Aboard The Fluid Fs Youth.

Spend any time at the bike park or your local trails, and you’ll notice that kids these days shred with some serious skills that only free time and rubber bones can develop.

To meet the needs of these riders and help them step things up and progress even further, we’ve completely re-designed the Fluid FS Youth series. The new, progressive frame design provides the features and ride quality of our best adult bikes in a package that isn’t just scaled-down but thought out.

Standover has been maximized, suspension components have been carefully selected with an optimized tune, and the geometry has been honed to create the progressive Norco ride for both 20 and 24-inch models. We intentionally sourced youth-specific components to support riders who demand the most from their equipment and want to step it up a notch.

The quality and build reflect everything we put into our full-size bikes, so you know the new Fluid FS Youth is up for every trail they are, and its quality parts will keep it out of the shop.

Progressive Design

The Fluid FS Youth series uses Norco's holistic approach to fit, geometry and suspension kinematics to offer young rippers real, uncompromised performance. The unique combination of longer reach, slacker head tube angle and steep seat tube angle provides a more forward weight distribution within a longer wheelbase. This allows more powerful pedaling, increased climbing traction and added grip and control when descending so young riders can confidently attack the trail and progress their abilities.

Youth-Specific Frame

With lower BB heights and standover clearance than previous models and a totally unique linkage design to our adult bikes, young riders will benefit from the same control and suspension performance that adults do!

Youth-Tuned Suspension

Smaller riders require less spring force in their suspension components and dropper posts. Less spring force needs less damping, so we've spec'd youth-specific tunes on all Fluid Youth bikes so the suspension and droppers move properly under riders below 90 pounds.

Youth-Sized, Adult Caliber

Small riders will benefit from youth-specific touch points, sized to provide ample grip and support for smaller bodies, but without sacrificing the performance and durability that dedicated riders need.