Indie IGH A11 Belt CDX
Indie IGH A11 Belt CDX - $1999CAD
Indie IGH A8 Belt
Indie IGH A8 Belt - $1399CAD
Indie 1
Indie 1 - $1049CAD
Indie IGH N8
Indie IGH N8 - $999CAD
Indie 2
Indie 2 - $799CAD
Indie 2 Womens
Indie 2 Womens - $799CAD
Indie 3
Indie 3 - $599CAD
Indie 3 Womens
Indie 3 Womens - $599CAD

Indie Key benefits

  1. Double-butted aluminum frame:

    Lightweight and durable to handle daily rides.

  2. GIZMO internal cable routing:

    Prevents cable rattle at entry/exit points and within the frame for a quiet ride; keeps water and debris outside the frame where it belongs.

  3. Norco X-Over fork:

    Engineered to be lightweight and stiff, with lots of room for mounting full coverage fenders or front mount racks.

  4. Disc brakes:

    Deliver exceptional stopping power and modulation, enabling riders to maintain control in any situation.

  5. Chain stay disc mount:

    A solid, sleek structure that offers multiple mounting options for fenders and racks.