Aurum HSP

Aurum HSP1
Aurum HSP1 - $9499CAD
Aurum HSP2
Aurum HSP2 - $6499CAD
Aurum HSP Framekit
Aurum HSP Framekit - $4299CAD

Aurum HSP Key benefits

  1. Aurum HSP Full Carbon Frame:

    Lightweight and durable full carbon fiber frame for improved stiffness-to-weight ratio, increased vibration damping and maximum strength.

  2. Gravity Tune:

    Ensures optimal body position and ideal front/rear weight distribution for riders of all sizes to deliver superior handling and control at high speeds.

  3. A.R.T. Suspension:

    The most extreme iteration of Norco’s proven A.R.T. suspension philosophy to date. Optimized for DH race purposes delivering superior grip, support and control on steep and rough terrain.

  4. Adjustable Front Center:

    Allows riders to make easy adjustments to the bike’s front center and wheelbase length for quick and easy fit and setup tuning.

  5. 650B or 29” wheels:

    Available in a 29er (M/L– L/XL) and 650B (XS/S – L/XL), offering M-XL riders a choice of wheel sizes to further fine tune handling characteristics based on their riding style.