VFR Aluminum

About the VFR Aluminum

The VFR combines the performance of a road bike with the comfort of a hybrid. Sleek and swift, this bike is for those who ride to get the blood flowing – to set an energetic tempo and carry that feeling through the rest of the day. Featuring a road-inspired, lightweight frame, responsive handling and loads of versatility thanks to full fender and rack compatibility, the VFR is a comfortable, upright option for the fitness-minded commuter who likes to go fast.

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VFR Aluminum frame

Premium X6 aluminum, double butted frameset combines road performance and hybrid comfort in a single package, delivering a fast and efficient ride experience.

Comfortable frame geometry

An upright riding position keeps your head up to scan traffic, yet a generous wheelbase gives the bike a nice and stable ride quality.

Rigid forks

Rigid forks are lightweight and offer precise handling.

Cable management

Internal cable routing prevents cable rattle for a quiet ride and keeps water and debris outside the frame.

Easy to accessorize

With the Flip Dropout and chainstay mounted disc caliper, fenders and racks mount quickly and easily.