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Search A 105 Hydro
Search A 105 Hydro - $1999CAD
Search A 105 Mech
Search A 105 Mech - $1699CAD
Search A Tiagra
Search A Tiagra - $1399CAD
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Search A Sora - $1149CAD
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Search A Claris - $949CAD

Search ALU Key benefits

  1. X6 double-butted aluminum frame with Flip dropout:

    Vertical compliance for long distance comfort and a long wheel base for stability and confidence on a variety of surfaces.

  2. Disc Brakes:

    Deliver exceptional stopping power and modulation in any weather conditions, enabling riders to apply the exact amount of stopping power required.

  3. Power Chassis:

    Oversized head tube junction, down tube, BB shell and chain stays increase rigidity where it matters most, creating an exceptionally stiff and efficient pedaling platform.

  4. GIZMO internal cable routing:

    Fully proprietary system prevents cable rattle at entry/exit points and within the frame; keeps water and debris outside the frame where it belongs.

  5. ARC Endurance system:

    Stays, seat tube, seat post and fork are engineered to absorb and deflect fatiguing vibrations before they reach the rider’s body – ride faster, longer.