The varied topography that makes up our vast Canadian landscape inspires us and shapes our view of the world

We embrace the rich and diverse networks of roads, trails and pathways that connect us all

Our backyard is one of the toughest testing grounds in the world

we've been enabling cyclists to go further

We believe in bicycles and the rewards that come with riding them


Good health

People's lives are enriched by cycling

No Detail is too small

We strive to create progressive bicycle designs that maximize performance from every tube, and from every angle

In carefully selecting components that complement our designs, we strive to meet our own high expectations for ride quality

We ensure that every one of our bicycles passes our stringent standards for performance, aesthetic and quality

before Norco is stamped on the downtube

We believe in performance above all else

Our promise is to
Listen, Innovate, and Ride

Our goal is that our bicycles inspire confidence in everyone who rides them

We want everyone who throws their leg over a Norco bicycle to be in a better position to realize their full potential

We see a world with unlimited riding Potential