Design Approach

Gravity Tune

Traditionally, frame geometry was designed around a single frame size. This geometry was then scaled proportionally for all other sizes by adjusting the bike’s reach, leaving the rear center, or chainstay length, of the bike unchanged. As a result, a rider’s weight distribution differs depending on the frame size. While this is the easiest and quickest way to design frames, it does not provide optimal handling for the rider.

Here at Norco, we do things differently. We fine-tune the rear-centre length of the bike as the reach is scaled for different frame sizes. This means that both the front and rear center grow as the frames get bigger, ensuring a consistent weight distribution for all frame sizes, giving you, the rider, predictable grip as well as improved handling and control.

This is Gravity Tune.


Different disciplines require different suspension characteristics to allow the bikes to perform at their best. Some of these characteristics are inherent to the bike’s suspension layout, which is why we have different layouts for different bikes – always with the rider in mind.

Horst Hanging Link

Reserved for bikes that require a highly efficient pedalling platform, the hanging link is firm and efficient when seated in undulating terrain. This gives the rider the ability to pedal through stutter with little input, reducing rider fatigue. When descending, the bike will provide grip and support giving control and confidence, even in more demanding terrain. The Horst hanging link suspension layout is featured on our cross-country race bike, the Revolver FS.

Horst Rocker Link

We tune the Horst rocker layout to optimize both climbing traction and descending control. Mid-stroke support allows the rider to maintain a neutral stance in rough terrain, helping the rider to precisely pinpoint the bike on the trail. Depth of travel helps the bike ride bigger than its travel suggests. Designed to excel all over the mountain, whatever terrain you come across, the Horst rocker link is featured on the Range, Sight, Optic, Fluid, and Torrent FS.

High Single Pivot (HSP)

Born in World Cup downhill racing, the HSP layout was developed to allow the bike to carry maximum speed in the roughest terrain. The extreme rearward axle path moves the wheel rearwards with the direction of the impact, helping the bike maintain momentum in rough terrain, whilst reducing rider fatigue. An idler pulley is required to isolate the chain from the suspension, resulting in exceptional small bump compliance and grip, but zero pedal kickback. The High-Single Pivot suspension layout is featured on our World Cup DH race machine – the Aurum HSP.

Rigorously Tested

We build our bikes to last and test them beyond industry standards to reflect the demands of real world riding in every situation – from downhill racing to gravel grinding. All results go into helping provide the right tool for the right trail, worry-free. We fully stand behind these standards with our warranty support against all manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.



Norco’s carbon frames are manufactured with only the highest-quality materials, right down to the resin we use. Producing an exceptionally strong bond, this resin enhances frame strength and increases impact resistance. Our innovative manufacturing processes also enable us to maintain precision control throughout the carbon structure allowing us to eliminate high-stress concentrations while maintaining lightweight, strong and efficient frame structures.


All of our aluminium frames are made of proprietary forgings and tube sets, enabling us to effectively balance strength and function. We only use the strongest and lightest alloys to provide compliance where wanted and stiffness where needed.


Our steel frames are manufactured from proprietary castings for clean looks and high-functioning end results. Tube diameters and wall thickness are thoughtfully selected to provide the desired ride feel and frame strength. We exclusively use premium tubes from trusted brands and suppliers to guarantee maximum performance and durability.


Different frame sizes will have a significantly different ride feel if design is not considered. We use size-scaled tubing on all of our carbon frames and performance aluminium framesets to maintain the same stiffness and ride quality across frame sizes. This allows us to provide the handling characteristics we intended for, no matter what size you are.

Power when you want it, compliance when you need it; our frame structures are designed to provide the best performance for the widest variety of conditions. Strong structures connect the head tube through to the rear wheel providing a more rigid pedalling platform, improving power transfer. Intentionally shaped seat tubes and seat stays provide compliance where needed.

Thoughtful internal and external cable routing is employed throughout our entire line-up. Understanding race needs and easy serviceability versus a sleek and compelling aesthetic is something we consider for every bike we design.