The Ride to Conquer Cancer
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How and Why
We Are Involved

The Ride to Conquer Cancer (RTCC) is a pledge-based fundraiser that began as a single event in 2008 and has grown into a nationwide phenomenon. Five years on, the RTCC is Canada's largest cycling fundraiser and consists of four distinct regional events held across the country in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. These inspirational rides attract cyclists from all walks of life and create a sense of unity that must be experienced to be believed. The RTCC has raised nearly $150 million in support of cancer research and attracts more than 10,000 riders every year.

Norco is an official RTCC sponsor, and we do more than offer financial support. Since 2011, we have served as the RTCC’s official bicycle and technical support sponsor at all four regional events. Norco event teams attend each ride and work from dawn to dusk offering technical and mechanical support to RTCC riders. Norco is on the ground, offering our wrenching expertise to ensure that every participant has an opportunity to complete the ride of their lifetime.

Participating in the
Ride to Conquer Cancer?

Norco Bicycles wants to help you reach your personal and fundraising goals.
From now until June 30th, purchase a new Norco Valence or Tactic from an authorized Norco Bicycles dealer, and we will donate up to $150* towards your Ride to Conquer Cancer fundraising efforts.

Congratulations on making the commitment to participate in the 2013 Ride to Conquer Cancer! The Ride gets bigger every year and is a source of courage, hope and pride for all those affected by cancer.

As the official bike and tech sponsor for all three Canadian rides, Norco Bicycles understands that going the distance is both easier and more enjoyable with the right set of wheels. Our high performance road bicycles deliver everything you need to complete the ride – whether you’re a veteran roadie or a newcomer to the sport.

2013 Norco Valence – designed to deliver high performance and comfort over the longest rides, the Valence is a perfect choice for your next epic ride.

2013 Norco Tactic – a purebred racing machine designed for speed, the Tactic delivers cutting-edge road race performance in any setting.

Click here for details on how to redeem your fundraising donation from Norco Bicycles.

* Purchases exceeding $1,500 qualify for a $150 RTCC donation. Purchases up to $1,500 qualify for a $100 RTCC donation.

Here are a few basic steps you can take to make sure your bike is working properly for the Ride To Conquer Cancer.
Wondering what you should bring with you on the Ride to Conquer Cancer? This video runs through the items that will make your ride as easy and comfortable as possible.
Adjusting your bike seat comes down to angle, height and for/aft positioning. Here is a simple guide to making these adjustments.
One of the most commmon mechanicals on a ride such as the Ride To Conquer Cancer is a flat tire. Here is a quick guide that walks you through how to fix a flat tire in the case of emergency.
An improperly installed RTCC name plate can be very annoying, awkward and potentially painful. Here is a quick guide as to the best way to install your name cards.
Join Team Norco
and Ride for the Cure

What is Team Norco?
Team Norco is a network of diverse and enthusiastic riders of varying experience levels. Members of our team hail from cities and towns across Canada. Our diversity and collective desire to ride the open road is a powerful bond that unites us in our shared commitment to take on cancer - one pedal stroke at a time.

Who Can Join?
Anyone can join Team Norco – all you need is a Norco bicycle and registration in any one of the four 2013 Rides to Conquer Cancer: BC, Alberta, Ontario or Quebec.

Why Join?
Team Norco is a social network formed around our shared commitment to complete the Ride to Conquer Cancer. As we challenge ourselves to keep up with our busy training schedules and fundraising goals, the Team Norco family is here to offer the support, encouragement and advice we need to make it through to the finish line.

Among other things, The Team Norco network is perfect for:

  • Planning group rides
  • Sharing fundraising tips
  • Organizing fundraising events
  • Sharing bicycle and tech tips
  • Choosing the right gear
  • Meeting other cyclists
  • Rediscovering the joy of cycling!

More than anything else, Team Norco is all about the connections riders make leading up to and riding in this epic event.

Get on the RTCC training plan!

Team Norco members have access to a detailed training plan designed specifically for the Ride to Conquer Cancer by a certified cycling coach. The plan will be available as a downloadable document and will also be e-mailed to Team Norco members every two weeks.

Connect with your teammates

The best way to connect with the other members of Team Norco is via our Team Facebook page. Find other riders in your area, plan group rides and fundraising events, share bike, tech and gear tips, and much more!

What about swag?

Yep, we've got that covered too. After you sign up for the team, you'll receive a welcome letter and Team Norco T-shirt in the mail.

Participating Dealers