The Dirt 100 - Upping the Game with Norco's Range Carbon

2014-01-06 09:08:17
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The name Norco used to be one that we associated with overbuilt and not particularly inspiring bikes, but that’s definitely no longer the case. We first rode the aluminium version and we were immediately impressed, as it was one of the first 27.5” wheeled bikes that we’d ridden that felt truly dialed, both in terms of geometry and the 160mm of suspension. This carbon version just raises the game even further with lower weight and added stiffness. The Range is so capable that if anything we’d say it was more uplift orientated than trail, it
could well suit a Ti sprung coil shock to turn it into a rad little park bike. The bike pictured here is actually the more expensive ‘LE’ version that’s not being brought into the UK, but the 7.1 is probably the one to go for anyway as it still has a great spec based around SRAM’s XO1 drivetrain.
PRICE: £4500.00
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Photos by Andy Lloyd – Andrew Lloyd Photography
Here’s a walk-through of the Range platform: