This Year: More Time On My Bike!

2014-01-14 07:15:23


 Nothing like being dropped off with your bike by heli - above the tree line

This E-news is going to pop into your inbox in early January.  This is normally a time when many people are trying to really figure out or nail down their New Years resolutions. Personally I don’t really go for those, but I do like setting goals – Yeah, sometimes a bit lofty but the bigger the goals the more satisfying when you achieve them throughout the year!


Fun easy group ride around Vancouver’s Stanley Park Seawall

Looking back, 2013 was no different as I had some big goals.  I set out to doing another heli mountain bike ride, get down to ride in New Mexico, check out the local trails in the cool town of Durango Colorado, and to spend a bit more time playing on the trails in Fruita. Of course I also wanted to ride in Moab Utah again – at least once,  to road ride as much as I mountain bike, go visit my son – and ride in Melbourne Australia, get a few more newbies stoked on riding, and lastly to ride a tandem more with my wife.  My last ride of the year was a 65k road ride on Dec 31st, gotta love that!  Especially when much of Canada looks like the inside of my deep freezer.   Dang, looking back on last year, it was actually a pretty fabulous “2 wheel year”, one that is going to be hard to beat.
Hmmmm, how am I going to better the 2013 year?  Simply more 2 wheel fun, that’s how.  No excuses.  I have both a winter commuter and nice road bike along with a great do-anything mountain bike…  With a little bit of time aligning my priorities there should be plenty more time to spend riding my bikes in the coming year. Eliminating time spent watching TV, checking emails, and simply time-wasting is prime riding time!
Anyway, as we are now already into January, it is time to make your own goals. Jot them down or at the least firm them up in your head. Tell your friends what you are going to do this year and then put some effort into making them happen (yes even fitness and fun do take effort).  Do that road trip you have talked about or dreamed about for years. Sign up for that GranFondo, enter that Cyclocross race and go get muddy, try a Cross Country race!  Even commuting more will give you more time on 2 wheels and better fitness too.  OH WAIT ~~  That’s it !  I think I have it.  My 2014 goal is to simply spend more time on 2 wheels.
Hey, that goal even matches my new license plate:


2014 here we come.  WhoooooHooooooo !
Have fun, keep it safe… seeya out there !!!
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