Andrew Taylor Takes His Norco Rampage to Woodward

2014-03-06 09:14:06
photo 3Post by Andrew Taylor
After a short trip up to Canada to meet all the good folks at Norco and check out the bikes I’d be riding this year I flew back home to anxiously await the arrival of my new bikes. I literally could not wait for them to show up so right when I got word from Sprockets bike shop in Santa Cruz that my bikes had arrived I flew out the door headed straight there.
Within the hour of getting back home I had my new Rampage hardtail all built up and ready for the first ride. With the Post Office jumps just down the road from my house it was the perfect place to give my new bike a go so I headed that way. After just a couple of runs I was already feeling comfy enough to throw some tricks so I was really stoked on the new bike and the way it felt.
photo 2
photo 4photo 2
A few days later some of my friends and I made our way down to Woodward West to get in some solid riding time. Woodward is a huge action sports facility with almost any type of riding you could imagine so it was the perfect place to really get used to a new bike. We spent a lot of the time riding around the outdoor parks and perfecting some tricks in their massive foam pit. It was nothing but good times!
- Andrew Taylor