Biking to Work - Employers Making a Difference

2014-03-04 13:04:27
For years now, Norco Bicycles has been a proud supporter of HUB: Your Cycling Connection among many other organizations. We recognize and appreciate the work these non-profit organizations do to make cycling safer and more fun for riders everywhere. Twice a year, Norco staffs HUB’s Bike to Work Week commuter stations with bike techs, offering free mechanical support and a friendly chat to commuters who pass by.

Earlier this month, HUB held an awards ceremony celebrating the Vancouver area’s bike-friendliest businesses. The winning businesses took part in HUB’s Bikeability Assessment program, an exciting new initiative that provides Metro Vancouver businesses with tools and strategies for promoting cycling in their workplaces. I’m pretty sure that if Norco had been assessed last year, we would have challenged for the Most Bike Friendly Workplace award that was taken home this year by the Vancouver Public Library.
Here’s why:
photo 1Secure bike parking
Norco’s bike commuters are lucky to have access to an awesome bike room, complete with storage for 30 bikes. As you can see, it is very well used. On the back wall is an area for hanging wet cycling gear. Below it is a baseboard heater that we crank up on stormy days to ensure everyone’s gear is plenty dry (if still a little funky) for the ride home.
Also in the room is our Axiom Annihilateair floor pump – probably the coolest tool for getting your tires back up to pressure in a snap. We’ve got a handy toolkit, free patch kits and tubes that riders are free to use whenever they need to. We also use this room to store our feather-light Tactic and Valence lunch ride bikes, not to mention the Revolvers, Sights and Ranges many of us hit the trails on after work.
photo 4Shower Facilities
After a long commute or a high-intensity lunch ride, a hot shower will always make you right again. We’re lucky to have five well-equipped shower stalls right next to the bike room, so you can just peel off your wet gear and hop in. Things tend to get interesting when there are more riders out on a lunch ride than there are shower stalls. When demand is greater than supply, our friendly lunch ride invariably ends in a group sprint to the doors – losers get to wait for their turn to shower.
Workplace Culture
Perhaps even more vital than storage and showers is our vibrant cycling culture, and we go to great lengths to encourage and support cycling among staff. We have a “Green Fleet” of bikes that are available for use anytime: staff use them to grab a bite at lunch, run errands or get some fresh air after a long meeting. Green Fleet bikes are always well maintained and come in a range of different styles for different types of riders.
We also love to celebrate Bike to Work Week and we support all those who participate. We use our intranet to track and praise the week’s most active participants, and we give out loads of prizes to those who log the most kilometres. All week long riders are treated to tasty treats and gourmet coffee, and the last day of Bike to Work Week always begins with a HUGE breakfast celebration featuring coffee and juice, fresh fruit, pancakes, eggs, bacon and lots of laughs.
Here at Norco, we’ve taken strides to make cycling a fun and easy choice for everyone who works here. Whether you’re into bike commuting, high-octane road riding, gnarly trail riding – or all three – you’ll find it pretty easy to feed your bike habit on a regular basis.
Do bikes factor in to your average day at the office? What steps has your workplace taken to make cycling an easy choice for you? We’d love to hear about them, as we’re always looking for new bike friendly ideas!