Giving Back After all the Great Rides

2014-03-04 13:05:17

  IMG_0328Just some of the fabulous urban cycling infrastructure that we all enjoy.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly take riding my bike for granted. It sounds lame, but sadly I take the cycling infrastructure around me for granted too. From the world class trail networks to urban cycling infrastructure it seems to be getting better and better for cyclists.  I recently rode clear across Vancouver  from way out in the suburbs and was able to complete an east-west 35 km traverse on seamlessly connected bike paths and cycling routes.

IMG_0030I need to get out for a few more trail days this year. As I sure enjoy riding them.

Close to my house is a fantastic selection of trails supported by local mountain bike clubs and trail groups. These groups work with the community to maintain a meticulously groomed network of trails.  The rest of the trail users reap the benefits of these dedicated efforts, and we all enjoy riding these trails week in and week out.
I love the fact that working with Norco Bicycles we are able to support many initiatives in advocacy and community support. The goal is simple: in supporting these types of programs, we want to get more people on bikes improve cycling for those that are already riding. In this frame of mind we have been proud supporters of IMBA Canada since its inception and we support the North Shore Mountain Biking Association in our backyard. Bikes Belong does a great job lobbying for additional cycling funding, Share The Road Foundation continues their good work on making cycling safer on the streets and within the core urban cities here in Canada, HUB and CYCLE TORONTO both do a great job improving cycling in Vancouver and Toronto. Kids are also very important so Norco also supports Pedalheads putting hundreds if not thousands of kids through safety courses every year. These are only a few of the organizations out there but support in the community is a priority.

IMG_0093Jay Hoots enjoying a tasty treat of sinewy singletrack…

The bottom line is that as cyclists, we all need to do our part. If cycling and doing your part in the community is important to you consider volunteering for a trail day or two this year, or encouraging some new riders at your office to start riding into work. If we all do one small thing to help out in the woods or on the streets we will all be better for it. I mentioned how great it is to ride a bike in Vancouver but there are many places in Canada and around the world that do not have this quality of infrastructure. Together we can make cycling better globally. Plus the more people riding bikes, the more happy, healthy people there are out and about having fun.
All this talk has made me want to get out fro a ride!
Seeya out there!
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