Bicycling Magazine Awards Norco Three Editor's Choice Awards

2014-04-15 10:49:07
2014 Bicycling Editors' Choice logo[3]The 2014 Bicycling Magazine Editor's Choice Awards are out. This year, Bicycling tested more than 400 bikes through a rigorous evaluation process across 21 different categories. Norco was nominated for three different awards this year and took the hat-trick, winning each of the nominations. The Norco Sight Carbon 7.1 was awarded best 27.5" Trail Bike, The Norco Charger 7.1 best value 27.5 hardtail and the Men's Cityglide was awarded with top spot in the commuter bike category.
Three awards from Bicycling Magazine puts these bikes at the top of the heap in 2014. In Norco's 50th year of operation it is quite clear that the innovation and drive for perfection is only getting stronger year after year!
Trail 27.5: Norco Sight Carbon 7.1

Category: Trail 27.5
Winner: Norco Sight Carbon 7.1
The Sight pedaled crisply, descended capably, and felt lighter than the other finalists. What really elevated this bike above the others, however, was how lively it felt on the trail. Climbs felt easier, even without engaging the shock’s platform damping, and the bike seemed to slice nimbly around obstacles when we wanted to or bash over them if we needed to do that. Whether we were going up or railing back down, the FSR rear suspension kept our tires connected to the trail.
Men's Value Hardtail 27.5: Norco Charger 7.1
Category: Men's Value Hardtail 27.5
Winner: Norco Charger 7.1
The Charger’s low price is deceiving—this hardtail felt at home speeding down undulating descents and over rugged trails. The aluminum frame dulled the sting when our wheels slammed into limestone rocks, without twisting much when we torqued on the pedals. Norco also made some smart concessions to rookie riders. The bar curves back toward the saddle, which helps to calm the steering. And the low-hanging top tube makes mounting and dismounting easier. “This is more than a great value; it’s a great bike, period,” said one tester.
Commuter: Norco Cityglide

Category: Commuter
Winner: Norco Cityglide
As we cruised along city streets, the Cityglide felt faster, lighter, and more responsive than the other two finalists in this category—in fact, it was nearly as swift as a road bike. “It’s the one I’d most like to do my hilly commute on,” said one tester. It was also the only model of the three with an external rear derailleur, which offered more gears and less weight than the internal setup used on other models (though it can require more maintenance). And all of our testers praised the comfy retro cork grips.Les récipiendaires des prix de la rédaction 2014 du magazine Bicycling sont maintenant connus. Cette année, Bicycling a testé plus de 400 vélos à l'aide d'un processus d'évaluation rigoureux dans 21 catégories différentes. Norco a été nominée dans trois catégories différentes cette année et a réussi à inscrire un truc du chapeau, l'emportant dans chaque catégorie. Le Norco Sight Carbon 7.1 a été élu meilleur vélo de trail 27,5 po, le Norco Charger 7.1 meilleur vélo semi-rigide 27,5 po abordable et le CityGlide Men's meilleur vélo de navettage.