Hot on Your Heels

2017-08-01 21:11:02
By Sarah Moore, Marketing and Communications Supervisor
There is something extremely special about being out on the trails with 250 other women. Especially when many of them are dressed in outrageous costumes! Add to that, some are total newbies to mountain biking and racing, while others who have raced Enduro World Series races. Yet everyone can ride the gnarly black diamond trails in Squamish with a smile on their face and a word of encouragement to the riders around them!
The first stage of the race was on the brand new Meadow of the Grizzlies trail, and with a sprinkling of rain overnight, no one knew that the trail conditions would be like. In practice, the trail had been dusty and dry, but after a long foggy climb up the climbing trail, we found out that the conditions were slick!
3Stage 2 was a new one this year – IMBA Smart. But first, the food station from Republic Bicycles – pancakes with strawberries, bacon and whipped cream on a skewer! Race treats don’t get much better than that!
The aid stations at Hot On Your Heels are like none other – smoothies, pancakes, massages, “Muscle Beach” and hilarious costumes make it seem more like a Halloween party than a race!
1Stage 3 was a tried and true favourite – Angry Midget. This time, with a Police radar checkpoint partway through the stage! The fastest speed? 40 kilometres an hour!!
5We finished the day with a Hybrid into McLoud lap. A short punchy climb partway in made for a hard final push to the finish line, but the high fives and ice-cream at the end made it all worthwhile!!
4Nicole Deguise, Sales Coordinator at Norco Bicycles

1Kallyn Keil, Inside Sales at Norco Bicycles

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