Video: Andrew Taylor's Ultimate 48 State Road Trip - A.T. visits Colorado, Kansas & Missouri

2018-08-02 11:41:35
Norco athlete, videographer, YouTuber and all-around awesome guy Andrew Taylor is on a new mission! After his successful video series "Alaska or Bus't" and "Baja or Bus't", he's traveling throughout all lower 48 US states in search of epic mountain biking and good times. His latest round-up includes stops in Colorado, Kansas and Missouri. Read AT's recap on each stop and watch the full video edits below.
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor
Text by Andrew Taylor
Moving on from Utah, I made my way into Colorado to meet up with Jim Harris and his buddy Jake to ride down some epic trails in Carbondale. The next day, I made my way into Golden to meet up with my old teammate and pal Wade Washburn who now owns a couple of shops in the Denver area called Colorado Cycling Connection. Thanks for the base camp, Wade! I go for a ride with one of his shop employees Jame and my buddy Shane met up with us for the ride. To end it off I met up with DJ Brandt and Brock Robinette for a few days of shenanigans.

Stoked to finally visit Kansas, a state I've yet to visit and to have my buddy Jack Almond fly in from Vancouver to keep the good times rolling. With the next few states being located in the great plains it should make for a challenging visit but we are both excited to see what's in store.

From Kansas, Jack and I made our way into Missouri to check out the Blue River Parkway trails before heading towards Finger Lakes State Park for a few chill days of riding the pump track and motocross trails.

The next states up are Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. You can follow the adventure through my Instagram & Youtube channel with a new video dropping every Wednesday.
Cheers from the road!
Andrew Taylor
All images by Long Nguyen