NSMB reviews the Norco Aurum HSP

2019-01-28 12:49:32
Following NSMB’s first look piece on the Norco Aurum HSP, test rider AJ Barlas took the 29er DH race rig to the trails and evaluated its ride handling, suspension feel and components on the gnarliest and most unforgiving terrain in the Sea-to-Sky corridor. Check out the video and read on for some of AJ’s test results to see if the Norco Aurum HSP was tough enough to stand up to the abuse.

“Norco hasn’t messed around with the Aurum HSP. The bike provides confidence by the spade-load. Its rear suspension is so good that my approach to rowdy sections was completely altered.”
Norco Aurum HSP
“No complaints about Magic Marys coming stock on a DH bike. The Addix Ultra-Soft compound front and rear screams 'take me racing.'”
“The SRAM X01 DH drivetrain is great. Purpose built for downhill, the cassette includes an integrated spacer and seven carefully selected gears. I’ve had no issues with SRAM DH drivetrains and this one was flawless as well.”
Norco Aurum HSP
Norco Aurum HSP
“Throughout the setup process, one thing remained true; the rear suspension provided incredible amounts of traction. Regardless of the terrain, how well or how sloppy the bike is ridden, the rear end tracks like nothing I’ve experienced before. Feedback from chatter and chop almost became a figment of the imagination.”
Norco Aurum HSP
“It was especially enjoyable on fresh, raw, steep terrain. Trails with lots of feedback are where the bike comes to life. The high single pivot allows the rear wheel to easily move out of the way and over obstacles, smoothing out the trail and maintaining a high level of control.”
“You might think cornering on a 29-inch, 200mm travel downhill bike is a problem, but that simply isn't the case. Even with the aggressive 62.5-degree head angle and extended rear-centre, the Aurum HSP is nimble. Switching direction quickly is done with ease as the bike swings over the low slung mass of the suspension.”
Aurum HSP 
 Read the full review on the NSMB website and find more information about the Aurum HSP on Norco.com.
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