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Flow Mountain Bike Magazine says the Norco Fluid FS “ticks all the must-have boxes for a modern trail bike”

2019-02-20 11:49:22
Following Flow Mountain Bike Magazine’s first look piece on the Norco Fluid FS a few months ago, the Australian publication now released a full ride review on our completely redesigned full suspension trail bike. Test riders were especially convinced by the bike’s confidence-inspiring performance on technical trails, its clean, well-executed frame design and its smooth and grippy suspension.
Norco Fluid FS
Check out the recap video below and read on for some of the test riders’ impressions and opinions:

“The Norco Fluid FS 1 leaves you with no excuses; if you’re after a capable, solid and smooth trail bike without spending the earth, this bike won’t hold you back.”
“What would we change? Not a thing. We haven’t had a single issue with any of the kit.”
Norco Fluid FS
“Norco utilize the same four-bar suspension configuration across nearly all their dual suspension bikes, just tweaked to deliver different performance for each application. In the Fluid’s case, the ride it delivers is more focused on traction under power and smoothness, and less on rapid pedalling performance. In short, more control, less zippiness.”
“Like most Norcos, the Fluid is built with descending performance as a priority, and it’s happiest when heading downhill or taking on tricky, rocky lines. The suspension feels great when you’re letting it flow, pumping and working the terrain, not jamming on the brakes or sprinting out of every corner.”
Norco Fluid FS
Read the full review of the Norco Fluid FS on and learn more about its key features and technologies here.
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