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Norco Fluid FS 1 earns 4.5 / 5 stars in latest Vital MTB test review

2019-03-01 09:23:06
Budget-friendly, short-travel trail bikes with a fun, aggressive geometry are growing in popularity. That’s also why our recently released and completely re-designed Norco Fluid FS 120mm trail bike captured the attention of Vital MTB. Content Director Shawn Spomer had the Fluid FS to test for several months and put it through its paces on everything ranging from flowy, mellow trails to jumps, berms, steep descents and rougher terrain. His final take on the Norco Fluid FS: “Tons of fun on a budget! Where the enduro bike is overkill and the cross-country bike is nerve-wracking, the Fluid is right at home.”
Norco Fluid FS
Watch the recap video of the Norco Fluid FS review and read on for some of Shawn’s impressions and opinions:

“The Fluid has clean, classic lines and smoothed frame welds, so it could be mistaken for a carbon bike. The cable-routing and finish details are tidy and well thought through, comparable to the features found on higher-end bikes. The best part about the FS-1 is that none of the parts or components stand out as “oh crap, these must be swapped before riding.”
“The bike comes with a thoroughly detailed and helpful setup guide providing a great baseline - well done, Norco.”
“When gravity was on our side, the Fluid was a hoot. Through jumps and berms, the bike is very poppy, highlighting its fun-loving nature and the Fluid's intended use. Approaching steeper terrain, the slack head angle erased any thought about being on a shorter-travel bike. Though only 120mm of travel, it’s a good 120mm of travel.”
Norco Fluid FS
“Who is the Norco Fluid FS for? Experienced, long-time riders who hate spending money but want a modern, extremely capable trail bike, will revel in the geometry, ride quality and spec of the Fluid. The rider ready to make the jump from Walmart bike to legit mountain bike will be extremely satisfied as they begin to explore the adventure of real mountain biking. Anyone desiring more all-around fun on the trails compared to what a delicate cross-country bike provides should also consider the Fluid.”
Learn more about the key technologies and features of the Norco Fluid FS trail mountain bike:

Norco Fluid FS
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