Norco Fluid FS 1 Earning Rave Reviews

2019-06-17 12:57:11
The 2019 Norco Fluid FS 1 is earning rave reviews for its all-round performance, fun factor and value. If you are in the market for a full suspension trail bike that delivers confidence-inspiring geometry, playful ride handling and unmatched fun factor, the Fluid is for you. But don’t just take our word for it.
Singletrack Magazine

It’s a really good looking frame which really outshines its price point – it’s tidy and subtle and really doesn’t look like any corners have been cut on the finish.
The build kit is great for the price too. A Revelation RC up front with a short stroke RockShox Deluxe Debonair at the back provide the bounce, while SRAM Guide T brakes keep things in control. A SRAM Eagle NX drivetrain provides as many gears as you’ll get on the blingiest of bikes, and WTB Trail Boss tyres adorn the WTB STP i29 and Novate hubs.
On the pedally stuff I was really impressed with how well it climbed, finding I was staying at the head of the pack even on group rides with gravel riders, despite the lack of lock out. The bike felt balanced and natural, with a comfortable ride position.
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Australian Mountain Bike

Out on the trail is where you can fully appreciate the capabilities and overall comfort that the balanced Fluid platform provides. The mix of angles and components complement each other to put you in a centred and comfortable position.
Adding to the confidence is the slack head angle and long wheelbase, which both aid in enabling the Fluid to tackle steep terrain at speed and still be stable. A big plus for the Fluid is how balanced it feels. Good trail bikes feather the line between slack and steep angles, so the bike can perform admirably on the widest range of terrain from steep to flatter trails. I feel this is the Fluid’s strongest asset as your position on the bike is very stable and balanced whether you are climbing, rolling along flatter trails or tackling steep descents. 
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CrankJoy (FS1 Women’s model)

The climbing position on this bike is great for those steeper climbs with a 76-degree seat tube angle.  The Fluid’s four-bar suspension provides excellent traction without excessive bobbing.  A lockout lever is never something we ever wished for, even on long and steep Pisgah climbs.
The bike is definitely agile and allows for flowy riding.  We tested the bike in a variety of conditions in Pisgah that included plenty of trails normally reserved for longer travel enduro bikes. As long as lines were chosen with care, we felt like the Norco Fluid never let us down and was quite fun to ride.
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