Norco Bicycles Introduces the All-New, Pedal-Assist Scene VLT

2019-07-24 08:56:22
Norco Bicycles is proud to present the all-new Scene VLT – a truly unique new direction within its lineup of electric bikes, designed to make riding easier, and make it simple for everyone to fit a bike into their daily routine.

Building on the success of the step-thru, 650B-equipped urban-hybrid Scene, the newest Norco e-bike was a logical, if not unusual detour for the company, but one they’re confident will resonate with a wide variety of riders.
“Beyond all the attention being paid to the performance aspect of electric assist, we noticed a bunch of people out there adding aftermarket electric kits to their pedal Scenes, and thought that a fully integrated casual e-bike would be a unique option to offer,” said Jim Jamieson, Norco’s E-bike Product Manager.

Following months of engineering and testing, the Scene VLT fills a unique space in the Norco line, and on the e-bike landscape as an ultra-versatile, but decidedly relaxed step-thru electric hybrid that allows riders of all sorts to get around easily, replace the need for a car in the city, and make even the hilliest rides anywhere else no sweat at all.
The Scene VLT’s nearly-silent Shimano STEPS drive unit and battery are integrated into its beautifully functional alloy e-bike frame, which is available in three sizes. The step-thru frame design allows for stress-free mounts and dismounts, and the custom-extruded seat tube positions the battery low and out of the way for a low center of gravity, and easy maneuverability. The battery is also removable, allowing the Scene VLT to be conveniently parked, while the battery is carried inside to charge, while the thru-axle wheels provide added theft deterrent and secure wheel attachment under heavy braking.

With its fun, accessible fit, modern integrated design and easy-riding demeanor, the new Norco Scene VLT lets riders grab lunch with friends, get to the beer store and back, or just take a bike instead of the car on errands or a ride in the park.
The Scene VLT Fits Your Life.
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