Norco Bicycles Introduces the All-New Range VLT E-Enduro Bike

2019-09-12 08:58:32
The Norco Range VLT is a monster of an e-bike – there’s no denying it. If taking on tough, burly trails, navigating slippery rock faces, and generally going big is your thing, then this is the electric mountain bike you’ve been waiting for.

We’ve given the Range VLT the ultimate combination of Norco’s progressive handling and advanced long-travel suspension in a carbon e-MTB platform engineered to tackle the same trails as our non-electric Range – but the e-assist adds an extra helping of mayhem in the wild.
The fully-integrated, efficient Shimano STEPS drive system and custom 630Wh or 500Wh in-tube battery – plus optional 360Wh range extender battery that adds up to 72% additional capacity – lets you cover more terrain quicker and have as much fun powering the Range VLT up climbs as you will sending-it off jumps and screaming down descents.

The new Range VLT is also a great example of the new Norco design language – the carbon frame features straighter, faster lines, contrary to the curved tubes Norco has used over the past decade. The engineering and design features don’t stop with aesthetic details, however.
Bridgeless carbon seatstays provide additional tire clearance and allow deeper seatpost insertion into its straighter, steeper seat tube, and the burly aluminum chainstays add torsional rigidity.

In order to make space for a full capacity water bottle on every available frame size, and room for the optional range extender battery without compromising standover clearance, Norco’s engineers devised a special shock mount adaptor and offset rocker link that mounts the coil-sprung piggyback shock off center and rotated 90 degrees in the frame.
The Range VLT will be available November 2019 as three complete bike options in M, L and XL with 27.5” wheels.
Electric Mayhem – Get up to no-good in the backwoods with the Range VLT.
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