Norco Bicycles Tests Riders’ Mettle with New Torrent Hardtail

2019-09-19 08:23:40
Norco Bicycles is excited to introduce the 2020 Torrent - a burly, progressive steel hardtail built to handle the toughest trails, and test a rider’s mettle.

Modern mountain bike trails have evolved, and bikes have adapted with them. Lines are getting scarier, gaps bigger, and technical sections are being built to push both rider and equipment to the edge.
Most riders have embraced the advantages of modern full suspension and today’s progressive geometry, which make riding these fast, scary trails seem downright reasonable.
Norco created the 2020 Torrent to rage on modern trails without the need for rear suspension or advanced carbon layups – it’s just the rider, some hand-welded Chromoly, and whatever skills they’ve picked up along the way – so every bit of mud-splattered sense of satisfaction felt at the end of a tough trail comes from the rider’s skills - not just technology and suspension design.

The Torrent’s modern features and new progressive All-Mountain geometry provide stable, agile descending, paired with climbing capability that would elicit envy from a mountain goat – Perfect for any rider looking to bring their trail riding to the next level without the extra expense and complexity of rear suspension, and a new challenge for advanced riders trying to keep themselves honest.
With massive standover clearance, long reach combined with a short stem, and decidedly slack head angle, every Torrent also features Norco’s latest version of Gravity Tune which provides the same ride experience to every rider, no matter their stature.

The Torrent has been an integral part of Norco’s lineup since 1995, when it was first introduced as a steel XC Race hardtail – because that’s how we rolled in ’95. Everybody else was going full-on aluminum, but we still loved steel, so we went with what we loved.
Around the turn of the millennium, during the height of the early North Shore freeride movement, the bike evolved into a lightweight, pedal-able freeride hardtail, engineered to thrive on the burliest trails in the world and really test a rider’s skills.
For 2020, the Torrent has undergone yet another evolution, embracing its extreme conditions hardtail identity, but digging deep to its steel roots.
Rider: Henry Fitzgerald
Photo/Video: Tom Richards