Go Behind the Tape With the Gehrig Twins at the Swiss EWS

2019-10-02 12:09:59
Anita and Caro Gehrig have been stalwarts on the Enduro World Series for years, but it wasn't until last month that they got to participate in an official EWS race in their home country of Switzerland. Follow them along as they take us behind the scenes and race tape in one of the most scenic riding destinations on the planet, Zermatt.


"Wow thanks so much everyone for the support this weekend! I enjoyed racing in Zermatt loads and it means the world to us having such a rad team of friends & family trackside cheering for us and encouraging us to give it some extra gas! This EWS was a long and tough day out on some of the most challenging terrain we had all season long. Although 11th is not what I was hoping for I'm stoked on a few solid stage results and actually my best EWS result of the year. Two big crashes into the rocks were not ideal for the confidence and have me limping a bit now but should be all good for next week Trophy of Nations! I managed to get through the day with a big smile and just loved it to race on home soil!" – Caro Gehrig

"So happy to finish with a solid race in Zermatt! 5th on the day and 6th in the seasons overall. It's been a challenging race, the rough terrain, altitude, long descents and big day required full focus and strength. I had so much fun in the race, it's the best feeling when you can enjoy and push yourself at the same time. Thanks to the Traillove Crew to bring the EWS to Switzerland, the best thing ever to race in the beloved homeland! Thanks to everyone for the amazing support this weekend and throughout the year!" – Anita Gehrig

Our support crew was big and loud this weekend. Chainsaws, megaphone, flags and proudly rocking the Twins Shirt. We could not ask for a better crew! Thank you!

Anita and Caro tackle the challenges of the EWS season on a Norco Range Carbon. Click here to check out the bike.