Video: The 2020 Norco Sight featuring Sam Blenkinsop and Henry Fitzgerald

2019-10-30 08:20:31


I found something yesterday. Hidden away. It was beautiful.

I brought it back with me. Took it apart. Studied it.

And that's where it started for me. That's when the wheels really started to turn.

The centre of mass. Smoothing it all out. Balancing the equation.

I think it's universal. The harder you push, they faster you go.

Translate. Rotate. Oscillate. Accelerating in the same direction of the velocity.

And it's positive. Positively. Until its not.

Because If you're flying...

Then soon you're falling.

Gravity never lets up. It pulls everything down. Slows it all down.

And I cant stop thinking... We're all just objects in motion.

Learn why the new Norco Sight is a breakthrough in all-mountain performance here. 
Riders: Sam Blenkinsop and Henry Fitzgerald
Video by Harrison Mendel
Photography by Tom Richards