Giving Tuesday at

2019-12-03 09:52:37

Ever since Bert Lewis founded Northern Cycle Industries out of a Burnaby, BC chicken coop in 1964, the one thing he focused on, aside from bringing quality bikes and cycling goods to riders across Canada, was helping provide for the community around him.
Over the years, as Norco has evolved and grown, we remain committed to our founder’s legacy – both in business and altruism.
Bert Lewis showing off a previous generation of Norco headquarters.
Every year, the Norco family of employees contributes thousands of dollars to The United Way - Bert’s charity of choice from the very beginning. With an employee matching fund, every staff dollar contributed is doubled to make an even bigger impact on the community.
Bert chose The United Way because they reflected his personal commitment to helping solve challenging social issues, championing inclusivity, offering life-changing assistance to at-risk communities, and helping young people achieve their full potential.
It’s not something we generally talk about. We don’t do it for the publicity. We do it because it’s baked into the company’s culture. We do it because it’s what Bert would do.
So, why bring up here? Why now?
Today, for Giving Tuesday, Norco is committing a significant portion of the profits from every purchase on to The United Way to help ensure that everyone across the country gets the support they need.
So, if you’ve been waiting for just the right time to make a purchase, December 3, 2019 is the best possible day! A new bike at Black Friday pricing, and the added knowledge that your dollars are helping make a difference in your community thanks to the dedication of The United Way.