Norco Bikes Win Two Design and Innovation Awards     

2020-01-15 08:37:23
The Design & Innovation Award is more than just an award. It features comprehensive review, highlights potential and discusses the true value of innovation. The award team has once more invested countless hours to analyse the most exciting products for 2020, including the 2020 Norco Sight and Optic. Here’s what they had to say:
2020 Norco Sight C2

With the Sight C2, Norco present a powerful 29” all-mountain bike with a modern and innovative geometry concept and many clever details. One feature that distinguishes the Sight from most all-mountain bikes is Norco’s ”Ride Aligned System”, which sees the chainstays grow with the frame size and calibrates geometry and suspension kinematics around the riders center of gravity. This makes for incredibly balanced handling in all riding scenarios, regardless of your height or frame size. The Sight C2 is comfortable and efficient on climbs, helped by the steep seat angle. It’s nimble and smooth and is just as much fun on moderate downhill trails as it is on nasty, technical terrain – a true all-rounder! With its 150 mm travel, the rear end generates lots of traction yet still offers lots of support. The spec is performance-oriented, the dropper post has plenty of travel and the frame hides many mounting points for bottle cages and tool holders. The wholesome overall concept is rounded off by a minimalist look. The Norco Sight C2 is both a nimble trail bike and a powerful enduro rig and convinces with well thought-out geometry and superb handling.
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2020 Norco Optic C2

”It‘s a trail bike for downhillers.” The new Norco Optic C2 is a powerful short-travel trail machine for experienced riders who aren’t afraid of hitting rough trails, both up- and downhill, with little suspension travel. The sophisticated geometry concept, which sees the chainstays grow with the frame size and calibrates the geometry and suspension kinematics around the riders’ center of gravity, makes it the perfect trail companion for riders of all sizes. The suspension offers tons of support and suits the direct and smooth handling of the bike. The Optic C2 feels great on fast, flowy and jumpy trails but also inspires tons of confidence on steep, technical sections. Thanks to the steep seat angle and good traction, the Norco also handles demanding climbs without batting an eyelid. The spec is robust and ensures top performance. The Optic C2 is true eye candy and shines with clear lines and a high-quality finish. Our compliments to the Canadian Norco team for coming up with such an innovative and unique concept!
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Both of these bikes are based around Norco’s new Ride Aligned™ rider-centered system. You can learn more at
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