The Bike Mag Bible Reviews the 2020 Norco Sight

2020-01-07 10:57:20
Bike Mag knows that buying a new bike is a big deal. It’s so much more than merely an investment in a piece of equipment or a tool—it’s your vehicle for escape, adventure and mental clarity. And it’s no small investment either, which is why producing the Bible is no small feat. This Year, Bike Mag took on a couple of our bikes, including the 2020 Norco Sight.

Words by Bike Mag’s Lydia Tanner
The Norco Sight has historically been an even-handed trail bike, sitting somewhere in the middle of the spectrum between endurance and enduro. The 2020 iteration makes some strides toward the latter end, with 20 millimeters more front and rear travel and a longer, slacker frame.
Norco isn’t the first brand to do size-specific layups, and a setup guide isn’t exactly revolutionary, but it is a nice acknowledgment that we aren’t all 6-feet tall and 170 pounds. The Sight is offered in sizes small through extra large, all of which are tuned to serve up the same relative ride characteristics. That’s especially true when it comes to the effective seat tube angle. Norco pitches taller riders very slightly farther forward, mitigating the extra sag caused when the vertically gifted cantilever their extra weight out and over the rear wheel.
On the trail, we were impressed with the Sight’s exceptionally planted, centered feel. Some testers rode it on our muddiest test day, and it turned what should have been a total survival run into a smashy, carvy good time. The traction this bike creates is superb, letting you point it down with the knowledge that it won’t buck you, and lean it over with confidence that it will hook up and support you through the turn. You get on the Sight and it instantly feels natural and intuitive. 
 If you’re an adventure rider planning to dabble in some enduro racing, this could be an ideal partner in crime.

Bike Mag’s Q and A with Norco
Bike Mag: The new Sight feels more gravity-biased than previous iterations. What would you say about these changes to all the existing Sight fans out there?
Norco: From the outset, the goal for the new Sight was to make it more capable descending and climbing. A true All-Mountain bike is ridden both up and down and everything in between and these days, those All-Mountain models are just being ridden in more and more aggressive terrain. In addition to that, enduro racing is also becoming more popular. Even if riders just do a couple of races a year, they still take “the one” all-mountain bike. To accommodate this, the Sight increased in rear wheel travel (and also front travel on the 29er). The components also have to be up to the job, so we are also spec’ing Lyrik instead of Pike forks and more aggressive tire casings, which is a step-up in intended use and capability. We put the bikes through 100s of hours of ride testing, to determine which components work best for the bike’s intended use. “Climbs like a goat and descends like a cheetah” is a cliché in the bike industry, but we are really proud of what we have achieved with the new Sight.
Bike Mag: Can you talk a little about why size-specific tube diameters are important?
Norco: In general, smaller riders are lighter than taller riders. So the size scaled tubing is to give a more consistent chassis stiffness across the size range. We think it is a valuable characteristic that we intentionally incorporate into our frame design.
Bike Mag: Do consumer frames come with protective tape or is that just a demo thing? And if so, are there other things Norco does to increase frame durability/protect resale value?
Norco: Yes, all production models come with rubber shuttle, chain stay and DT guards as well as die-cut 3M tape on the downtube, top tube, back of seat tube, seat stays.

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