The Loam Wolf Awards the Sight VLT, Again

2020-03-16 15:48:19
The Loam Wolf who crowned the 27.5 version of the Sight VLT the E-MTB of the year last year, received our new 29” wheel version this year to put in their E-MTB shootout. The verdict, the Trail Smasher award and a lot more compliments of the cornerstone of our E-MTB lineup. Here’s what they had to say:

Norco’s bikes have a nice finish and quality feel to them that is readily apparent once you touch and see the bike in person. The paint has a nice gloss and appears to be substantial enough to resist some wear and tear. The spec on the C1 build is a nice mix of quality components and held up well to our month of intense testing.
As we alluded to above, the Norco Sight VLT 29 is a huge departure from the Sight VLT 27.5. We picked the 27.5 as last year’s Bike of the Year because it was the ebike that rode most like a mountain bike. It was lively, playful, snappy and a ton of fun. It came off the ground easily, manualed well and felt pounds lighter than the rest. For those who spend more time on the ground attacking steep, rowdy downhills, the new VLT 29 could be the bike you were hoping for.

Norco does a great job tuning their suspension across the VLT lines and we love the bike’s ability to balance seated pedaling comfort, climbing traction and big hit composure. The progressivity is nice, however may require a volume reducer for the heavier or most aggressive riders, yet we found that it was spot on for our 160- to 175-pound testers. Norco very clearly has an edge in suspension tuning and that is a big factor in why this bike descends so well. 
If you live somewhere that has more open climbs, steep and fast descents with rowdy rock gardens, terrifying root balls and plenty of long flowing senders, the VLT 29 will reward. It is built by shredders in British Columbia and that is very apparent when you get it in the terrain it was designed to shred. For a mid-travel bike to offer this kind of confidence, stability and downhill prowess is a testament to Norco’s awareness of what modern-day aggressive trail riding and suspension tuning should be.

To see more of the Sight VLT 29, click here. If smaller wheels are more your thing, check out the Sight VLT 27.5.