Try Ryan Leech's 30 Day Wheelie Challenge For Free

2020-03-19 12:02:13
Words from Norco athlete Ryan Leech:


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I have made my 30 Day Wheelie Challenge online course completely free to encourage social distancing and to help spread some wheelie joy around the globe - instead of COVID-19.
Come play - click the link below to get free access. Our coach team is on-board and ready to support your learning journey with our 24/7 Q&A and video review service - all complimentary to you for 30 days.
Who do you know that can’t wheelie?
Start the 30 Day Wheelie Challenge

I'm a pro mountain biker specializing in trials, sponsored by @shimano @norcobicycles @MarzocchiMTB and I run an online MTB skills coaching website called Ryan Leech Connection which offers hundreds of step-by-step video progressions with personalised coach feedback. Come play!