Norco’s Got Some Talented Mothers!

2020-05-08 14:21:03

It’s hard to really understand the work and dedication it takes to be mother, unless you are one.

So, once a year, we all try to show how much we appreciate everything moms do on a single Sunday in May – hoping that the gifts, adulation, and homemade cards express everything we know we should be saying and doing every day.

Here at Norco, we have some hard working, talented women who are at the top of their game professionally, and are among the most dedicated, enthusiastic parents we’ve ever encountered.

We thought you’d like to meet a few of them – and the bikes they ride.

Adrienne – Sales Rep, Northern & Central California

Favourite bike:

My Ferrari is the Aurum HSP, it’s the fastest DH bike available! My everyday cruiser is the new Sight so I can go further and giggle more!

Riding History:

I started riding 25 years ago or so…. since I was 18 years old.  It all started as a tool to get stronger for ski season….and here we are!

How young was your kid(s) when they first got on two wheels:

Up until 5 months in the womb, and then again at 14 months (on the run bike)!

Rachael – Product Manager

Favourite Bike:

Hard to choose a favourite bike as I’m lucky to ride so many! Right now I’m loving my Optic C3 for its fast and fun handling, a custom build Search Carbon w/ GRX Di2 and full Easton AX setup, and of course my prototype Scene which we used for ride testing when we were developing the frame.

Riding History:

I was a late bloomer when it came to cycling and didn’t really start mountain biking until my later teen years. But, I have plenty of fond childhood memories of riding all over Toronto with my mum, and enviably riding too far and calling my grandfather to come rescue us and drive us home!

How young was you kid(s) when they first got on two wheels:

My kids are far more talented than I am when it comes to bikes and are already surpassing me on Strava descents - both my step sons have been riding pedal bikes (without training wheels) since 2.5 years old, and my 2 year old daughter is absolutely loving family bike rides on our macride.

Nicole – Sales Ops

Favourite Bike:

Right now it’s the 2020 Fluid VLT. It’s playing the role of shuttle bike for my son in daycare and my trusty trail buddy riding at 5 months pregnant!  I am keeping it safe and can go for long and fun rides and still have the energy to take care of a very busy 18-month old!

Riding History:

I started riding (road) back in 2004 in Ottawa as a way to get out and see the city but then got into mountain biking when I moved to BC and wanted to know what all the fuss was about as my now husband was riding 4-5 days a week!  Low and behold I fell in love and haven’t looked back since! 

How young was your kid(s) when they first got on two wheels:

We’re still working on this one.  He’s more interested in being pulled in the Chariot and ride the local trails while eating his favourite snacks!

Lee Ann – Digital Marketing Manager

Favourite Bike:

Do I have to pick just one? My favourite bikes right now are my Fluid FS 1 and the 2020 Sight. I bought a Fluid FS 1 last year as my first mountain bike ever and because, it was a good first choice and did not disappoint. It's a very capable trail bike that I may have pushed a little too far in the Whistler Bike Park a couple of times while I was learning, but it did not let me down. My next bike is the 2020 Sight, I had a chance to demo one this spring during the lockdown and I really did not want to give it back. I also just purchased a Fluid FS 27.5 for my 11-year-old daughter so we can ride together.

Riding History:

Riding history: Skateboards: 33 years, Snowboards: 32 years, BMX: 4 years Mountain Bikes: 1 year. I grew up between Vancouver and Whistler and was a competitive snowboarder from 1988 to 2000 in everything from halfpipe, to big air to boardercross. I started racing BMX 4 years ago and I volunteer on the board of directors for Ridge Meadows BMX Track in Pitt Meadows, BC. 

How young was your kid(s) when they first got on two wheels:

My daughter started riding her bike when she was 3 but didn't really take off riding her bike until she was about 4 or 5. She wasn't quick to pick it up which is weird cause at age 7, she tried BMX at the track and picked it up super quickly. Fast forward 5 years and she is ranked 3rd in Canada for 11-year-old expert girls and took #1 in BC two years in a row. She has also just started mountain biking and the cross over is going very well. While the track has been closed due to COVID, we've been out a few times on the trails lately and she also really enjoys be towed her around the neighborhood on her skateboard. She has shown an interest in the dirt jumps so a Rampage is most likely on the menu for her in her future.