The Loam Wolf Reviews the 2020 Norco Optic

2020-05-22 15:10:37

Our friends at the Loam Wolf have had their hands on a couple of 2020 Norco Optic C2’s, and recently published their thoughts here. Titling their article “The Best Trail Bike Yet”, read below to see what had the wolf pack gushing about their green machines.

The Optic C2 we reviewed has voided the decades of experience that had us boxing in what a “short travel” bike was capable of. This is not the old school 125mm bike you are used to, it has a modern take on geometry, suspension spec, and the intended user group.

We examined Norco’s “Holistic approach to fit, geometry and suspension kinematics,” in our Dissected feature a couple months back when we first reviewed and rode the 2020 Norco Sight. The new Optic utilizes Norco’s same concepts when it comes to modern geometry and bike design. To learn more about the Ride Aligned concept and how Norco changes seat tube angles, chainstay lengths and more to optimized each rider’s center of gravity over their respectively sized bikes, click here.

When we started putting up times comparable to … mid- to longer travel bikes on the Norco Optic, with less effort and more fun, we were pretty impressed to say the least. The Optic is lighter than many of the longer travel bikes we review so it made gapping sections of trail, pulling the bike around corners or playful jibbing a lot easier. Getting the bike off the ground, placing the bike into weird spots and playing on the trail is effortless.

 In our opinion the Norco Optic is leading the way in the new category of short travel shredders built for an existing category of rider that probably got tired of breaking short travel frames and has had to settle riding a longer travel bike than they need.

The Norco Optic is built for discerning rippers who know what they want and are ready to throw down with a bike that has the geometry to handle high speeds and aggressive riding without the wasted energy and effort that 150mm + of travel requires. The Norco Optic is a rocket and among the most impressive pedal bikes we’ve ridden in recent memory, and it retails for under five grand while supporting local bike shops.

To see more on the Optic, click here.