The Word from Downunder

2020-05-25 15:01:51

Norco’s Aussie Gravity Ace Sian A’Hern Checks In

Words by Sian A’Hern 

Hi everyone, Sian A’Hern here. Norco Downhill and Enduro racer from Canberra, Australia.  

It’s a crazy time for everyone, business owners, school children, athletes, essential workers and our amazing doctors and hospital workers.  

During COVID-19 my family’s personal training gym business in Canberra - A’Hern Fitness was forced to shut. So not only did I lose my job, my parents did as well.   

As I now have more time on my hands due to not working, I am using this time to work on small things I never seem to get the chance to do, both on and off the bike. I have been working on my four wheel drive (4x4) with my brother, as that’s our interest and hobby outside of the biking world. The 4x4 tracks are closed like most places around the world, but just working on them is keeping us busy!  

I have also been using this time to go on longer rides, explore and get as fit as I can for when this is all over. You never know when everything will turn around and be back to normal but I guess I’d like to be ready to go the moment that happens.  

My back yard is full of jumps, pump track, little mini motorbike track for our 50’s and a heap of activities. So I am super fortunate to have a place like this during COVID-19 - pretty cool to be able to isolate at home for me.  

In Australia, especially Canberra, we’re lucky to only have a very small number of COVID-19 cases. Our rules are very relaxed in comparison to other places in the world. We are allowed to go out for a ride, however we are restricted with what we can do and there is no travelling. Of course social distancing rules are in place. Our access roads have been shut, so no downhill can be done, as there is no way of getting up to the top via a vehicle, but I am loving time on my smaller Norco bikes.  

The Norco fleet that I have been using during these times are my Norco Range, Norco Rampage, and I am in the middle of building up my new custom painted Norco Sight C1. Check out my Instagram for some photos coming soon: @sianahern.

This is a great time to spend time with the family (inside the household), work on small things around the house, enjoy some outside time when you are allowed and appreciate the small things.  

It is all very unknown what the future brings but one thing I know is that we are “Alone. Together.” 

Sian A’Hern (April 2020)